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Lars E Carlsson
Born 1970


I am a graduate engineer in mechanical engineering with extensive experience from automotive and consumer industry. Experienced in plastic design with specialist knowledge of injection molded parts. Besides this I have also worked with stamped sheet metal parts, blow molded parts and die-casted magnesium. I am involved, sees opportunities and believe in collective intelligence involving different knowledge within the company to assure success. I have a practical background and are happy to share my knowledge. For most of my projects I has worked as the senior designer responsible for assuring that our team will meet the project demands.

For the last years I have lead and participated in PLM projects were my product development background has been a great benefit in assuring that PLM support the business process and not become just an IT project. I have specialist knowledge in ENOVIA LCA/VPLM, the CATIA V5 DMU tools, but also good knowledge in Matrix one (ENOVIA Matrix one) , M-files and has started to learn ARAS Innovator. I have experience from several CAD systems and product development processes and are therefore used to find out the most of each systems. I have also continuously proposed or worked with CAD methodologies, product development processes and supported product development regardless of my assignment.

2011-2012 Volvo bus, Process and IT, Arendal
Example and solution proposal on Change requests on how to take better advantage of CATIA V5 and own “PLM” system, seeing the whole picture were also Manufacturing, Parts/aftermarket and others are included, besides Product development.
Proposal and prototype on how to enhance existing DMU context tool.
Representing VBUS in VPDM.

2011 Orust Engineering, Orust
Dimensioning and design of a solar panel installation.
Besides electrical AC dimensioning an inverter selection the main assignment have been to reduce the number of parts for the roof installation compeering to available system on the market.

2011 Lear Corporation, Trollhättan
Design engineer finishing a “Infotainment rear armrest” concept and assuring prototype assemble and manufacturing.
Design and updates in CATIA V5

2011 SCANIA, RTPM, Södertälje
Knowledge sharing of ENOVIA LCA/VPLM and CATA V5

2010 SCANIA, RTPM, Södertälje
Example and education on SCANIA data on how to take better advantage of ENOVIA LCA/VPLM and CATIA V5
Including Program - milestone, Category - specification, Rules - inclusion exclusion, Change order - Actions- Modifications, Filters, and so on.
Proposal on efficient CATIA V5 section book management , styling to solid method and continues learning process for employees.

2010 SCANIA, UTI, Södertälje
Business architect to assure product development, PLM and DMU aspects to be addressed in SCANIAS new legacy system. Analysed SCANIA V5 enhancement areas (CATIA and ENOVIA LCA/VPLM) and delivered enhancement proposal to business.

2007-2009 Volvo 3P, VolvoTruck, Lundby
DMU specialist securing 3P CAB and electrical virtual environment and product lifecycle management rules. Representing CAB in developing the PLM and DMU tools and methods (ENOVIA LCA/VPLM and CATIA V5) in interaction with KOLA.
Coach and support for end users in Gothenburg.
Method proposals and knowledge transfer to other sites.

2005-2007 Volvo IT, VolvoTruck, Lundby
Coach and support (ENOVIA) and interop with CATIA V5/KOLA for end users in Gothenburg and Greensboro (VTNA) Training for end users in Gothenburg, Greensboro (VTNA), Allentown (Mack) and Lyon (Renault).
Method development.

2003-2005 Volvo IT, VolvoTruck, Lundby
Responsible for creating training material for the new PLM system (ENOVIA) and interop with CATIA V5/KOLA. Training for end users in Gothenburg, Greensboro (VTNA) and Lyon (Renault)

2002-03 SLA (Autoliv), Kungälv APL (Autoliv), Poland
Responsible for the implementation of Autolivs PDM system (MatrixOne) integrated with CATIA V4 at the Product development site in Kungälv and the manufacturing plant in Poland.
Report and action plan for improvements to the project managers and to the local management.

2002 NCS (Autoliv), France
Project Manager responsible for the implementation of Autoliv PDM system (MatrixOne).
Reviewing of current projects at NCS (5) to see how they followed the APDS (AutolivProduct Development System)
Report and action plan for improvements to the project managers and to the local management.

2001-02 NCS (Autoliv), France
Project Manager responsible for the development of a new Initiator for airbags and micro gas generator during phase1 with team members from Dev, Pro, Qua, Pur, and sales. The work included normal PM assignment, but also the work of an engineer regarding the plastic component in CATIA V4.

2000-01 Electrolux A/S, Denmark
Designing and process implementation during development of new cocker and oven. Created Cad-manual regarding, process, solid methodology and multimodels use. Implementation and education. Solid modelling surfacing and drawings in Catia V4

1999-00 Eureka Inc. Corp. (Electrolux) USA
Design responsible for a new vacuum-cleaner development project. Leading a team of 7 Engineers at Gesab’s office in Trollhättan. The work included time-plans, reports, system description, FMEA etc. Surface generating from the design model. All design work in Unigraphics.

1999 Lear Corporation, Trollhättan
Design and development of side panels and hardback piece to chairs in a new car project.

1998-99 Brose Ltd. Coventry, England
Design and development of window regulators and system. Standards and requirements towards Volvo Car Corporation, Ford Motor Company and Matra Solid modelling, surfacing and drawings in Catia V4.

1997-98 Husqvarna, Professional equip, Husqvarna
Senior Designer in charge of design and development of Engine powered hedge trimmer. In-house Gesab office. Solid modelling and drafting in Catia V4.

1997 Electrolux Floorcare & Light appl. Västervik
Vacuum cleaner-project. Design and development. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4.

1996-97 Electrolux Floor C D, Luton, England
Senior Designer in charge of designing and developing vacuum cleaner accessories. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4. On location at Electrolux Plant in Luton, England.

1996 Saab Automobile AB, Trollhättan
Design and development of harness and connector brackets. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4 to meet the Saab standards.

1996 Electrolux Floor C D, England
Senior Designer for new vacuum cleaner-unit. In-house Gesab office. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4.

1996 Electrolux Floorcare & Light Appl, Västervik
Vacuum cleaner accessories. Design and development.
Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4.

1995-96 Electrolux Floorcare & Light Appl
New shell for high-pressure washer. Design responsibility. In-house Gesab office. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4.

1995 Saab Automobile AB, Trollhättan
Design of pressing tool. In-house Gesab office. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V4.

1995 Saab Automobile AB, Trollhättan
Investigation and proposal work for Saab, Electro- mechanical component dep. Steel and plastic details, contacts with suppliers’ etc.

1994 Electrolux Floorcare & Light appl
Designer in a new vacuum cleaner-project. All work in Catia V3, in-house Gesab office.

1994 Electrolux Floorcare & Light appl.
Development and design of parts for vacuum cleaners. In-house Gesab office. Surfacing and drafting in Catia V3.


2005- Orust Engineering, Henån
1994-2005 Gesab Engineering AB, Trollhättan
1998-99 Lars Carlsson, Coventry, England
1990 Wallhamn Terminal AB

1990 Four years mechanical engineer, senior high school (Swedish Gymnasium)

Military Service
1991 Swedish Army ING3
1992-93 UN Service
1998 Swedish Army refresh course ING3

2011 CATIA V6 Part, Assembly, Drawing, Live shape and Engineering central. 8h COE University USA
2010 CATIA/ENOVIA V6 workshop, 4h Dassault
2010 Batterie/ hybrid Workshop Chalmers 8h
2010 DYMOLA, 8h Dassault System
2009 ProE Wildfire 5.0, 6h ENOCAP
2009 DYMOLA and SIMULIA, 8h Dassault System
2008 PLM and DMU, 16h SCAF
2005 KOLA, 16h Volvo
2003 ENOVIA V5, 40h Volvo IT
2003 CATIA V5, 16h Gesab
2001 E-Matrix advanced user 24h, NCS (Autoliv)
2001 Negotiation techniques 16h, Gejrot
2000 Project method 16h, Effectus AB
2000 4-hours environment course/Gesab
2000 Idea producing methods, 8h. Gesab Education
2000 QFD-education, 8h, Gesab Education
1999 Unigraphic education acc. To the Eureka methodology
1999 CATIA kinematic, 16h, Unico
1999 Presentation technique, 8h, Selma
1998 FMEA, 12h
1997 DFA, 16h
1997 CATIA Solid, Basic course, 32h. Gesab
1996 CATIA Advanced Surfaces 16h, Gesab
1995-1996 Advanced engineering in plastics, 250h, Gesab
1995 CATIA V4 3D and 2D 20h Gesab
1995 Geometric tolerance 40h Gesab
1994 Plastic as an engineering material, Gesab
1994 CATIA V3 Education 2D and 3D, Gesab
1992 AutoCAD 14 weeks, Ancon AB

PC knowledge: Word, Lotus Notes, MS Project, Excel, MS Powerpoint, Snagit

CAD knowledge: CATIA V5, Unigraphics (NX), CATIA V4, CATIA V3, Alibre

PDM/PLM knowledge: MatrixOne, ENOVIA LCA/VPLM, M-Files, (ARAS)

PLM/DMU commission: Responsible for the PLM and DMU group at SCAF (Swedish CATIA user association)
Memebr of the SCAF board

English, Swedish, (French)
Drivers license
*B** (Car)

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